Government Using Hotels For Wadeye Criminals Who Destroyed Government Provided Housing

This is the story the NT Government does not want you to hear. The government has taken up most if not all of the hostel accommodation in Darwin for the so-called “Wadeye victims”. There is a shortage of accommodation so hotels are having to be used to fill the short-fall with a big mark up,  no surprises there. Perhaps we could use that term so often used by the NT Government, special measures.

So people destroy government provided housing and then get put up in a hotel while other people remain homeless. The Fyles Labor Government is pandering to race politics, we have nothing to be sorry about.

The NT has a do-gooder problem, do-gooders are paternalistic patronising individuals who pretend to help Aboriginals they even mimic Aboriginal English. In reality they create dependency and therefore perpetuate the cycle of misery.

Worried about your tax dollar? Contact Eva Lawler and ask her about the costs of Wadeye.

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Being Violent Together On Country

Dysfunction Australia formally known as the Northern Territory of Australia has released the  Being Violent Together On Country program. Forget about the rule of law and do your own thing anywhere and at anytime. Why not do it in a pub, hospital or school?

The Northern Territory Government and the Australian Government are quick to condemn the governments of other countries regarding violence. Yet both governments cannot control violence in the Northern Territory.

Is it time for Wadeye to be broken up and new communities created?

Wadeye Needs To Be “Rolfed”

News reports of chaos on the streets of Jingili earlier this week suggest that harsh measures are needed to deal with criminals from Wadeye. How long before they kill someone who has nothing to do with their violence? We say that Wadeye needs to be “Rolfed”, a term we have coined that means that violent offenders should be shot if they refuse to stop. It is the only way to keep the streets safe. If the people of Wadeye wish to live in the past then that is fine but they can live under bark and receive zero services.

Why should violent parasites cost the taxpayer an estimated five million dollars?

Wadeye – Australia’s War Zone – That No One Will Talk About

There is war between Russia and Ukraine according to the Australian Government. Australia is great at pointing the finger at other nations. What about Wadeye in the Northern Territory?

Michael Gunner’s war zone of Wadeye proves there are lots of angry violent people in Aboriginal communities within the NT. These people are running amok.

We have to remember that Wadeye is an artificial construct created by the Catholic Church. With the mission days long gone it is drugs and not god that people look to.

Will the Northern Territory Government pay danger money to work in Wadeye?

NT Government Fails On Aboriginal Crime Rampage

We have to call it as it is. The Northern Territory has an Aboriginal crime problem. The fact that the majority of those incarcerated in the NT are Aboriginal says it all.

The recent events in Wadeye and numerous other communities in the NT suggest there is a crime rampage.

No doubt Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker will be doing his best to keep “a lid on things” for his masters.

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Holy yidaki, Batman!

Batman: This is not a time for levity boy wonder. Recent events in the community of Wadeye suggest that we will be entering a period of spin.

Robin: Does that mean that the Gunner Government will start a distraction?

Batman: What does a liar do when he’s dead? 

Robin: He lies still.

NTG Vendetta On Rolfe Not Novel

The Northern Territory Government and various bodies closely associated with the government (so-called independent boards, bodies, societies etc.) have a long history of retaliation against those who have digressed from the NTG narrative.

According to this narrative Rolfe should have been found guilty and now should be inside a prison. When things do not go to plan for the NTG it becomes vendetta time. Anything and everything will be used against the subject of the vendetta. No amount of money will be spared in pursuit of an individual.

Police, nurses, medical doctors, teachers, lawyers and various other public servants who have refused to be involved in cover-ups, have questioned mismanagement or have gained a victory like Rolfe have all become subject to the NTG vendetta.

There are those in the higher echelons of NTG agencies who become fixated with scoring a victory over an individual at any cost. The Trust has been provided with reliable information from several sources to verify that NTG officers will tell lies and commit fraud to carry out a vendetta. It is win at all costs for the NTG.

So it seems Zachary Rolfe is not the only NTG employee with a target on his or her back.

Telling tales or doing the right thing? When should you ...

Remember that the Northern Territory Government has vast amounts of taxpayer dollars to pursue an individual. So solicitors, barristers and investigators can easily be engaged by government, cost no object.

Lobbyists Territory – Getting The Ear Of The CLP And Labor

Lobbyists are still running amok in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory does not have the capacity to discover what lobbyists are giving those in power or their influencers.

Benefits do not have to received directly. Family members can be the recipient or items can be “loaned”. What about renovations to Granny’s house interstate funded by a friendly local contractor? Or a nice load of building supplies dropped at a block land at Humpty Doo? Who would know?

The CLP and Labor Party do not appear at all interested in controlling lobbyists. This inaction can only come from a vested interest in receiving benefits from lobbyists.