Zachary Rolfe Will Pay Somehow!

The NTG script is always the same. Bury those who transgress against us! If there is no evidence against the individual then NTG will create it.

It would appear Zachary Rolfe has played right into the hands of NTG with his text messages.

The first rule of dealing with NTG is to never shoot yourself in the foot.

Rolfe For Police Commissioner?

Jamie Chalker seems to be on the nose with many serving police officers in the Northern Territory. However the Police Commissioner is not appointed by ballot within the police force.

Just imagine if the public could elect the Police Commissioner, Zachary Rolfe could stand for election and who knows?

NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker reflects on first six ...

The Northern Territory Government has a practice of backing their management people to the hilt no matter what they do. The government is happy to spend millions in the courts defending the actions of their incompetent managers.

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia, we used to be called the Northern Territory. 


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Round and round we go achieving absolutely nothing at all.