The Trust Manifesto

The Trust Draft Manifesto

1. The Trust is a revolutionary organisation, in part based on the Socialist Revolutionary Party and its motto Through struggle you will attain your rights.

2. Through transparency promotion and anti-corruption activities The Trust seeks a just society, where the worth of an individual is assessed on merit only.

3. The Trust does not confine its activities to the narrow remit of transparency and anti-corruption activities. There is greater vision- the complete change of society, a new order, the overthrow of the decadent establishment.

4. The Trust envisions an environment where resources belonging to the public are used to benefit the public not an elite.

5. The function of government is to serve the public not politicians and the bureaucracy.

6. The bureaucracy should not be subject to the political whims of party politics. The public should have their voice heard and must be able to elect for example The Police Commissioner.

7. All government expenditure should be be made public. Grant proposals should be subject to a 30 day period of public scrutiny.

8. The functions ICAC and the Auditor General should be merged. The Auditor General to have expanded powers beyond mere recommendations.

9. Lobbyists and party volunteers to registered. All names to be made public.

10. The electoral system to be overhauled. The Hare-Clark as used in Tasmania could be a model for this.

11. Just terms should be just. Compensation should be paid for property that is taken or destroyed irrespective of whether the owner of the property is not engaged ibn commercial activity. Banana Freckle should be still in our minds.

12. Aboriginal land should be utilised for profitable enterprise that engages the owners of the land.

13. Vagrancy and squatting on public land must be discouraged. Organisations that promote vagrancy and squatting  that impacts on business should be made to pay for losses. Stuart Park is a prime example.

14. Cannabis should be made legal with restricted cultivation and sale as a revenue raising measure.

15. Subsidies to older territorians should have a waiting period of 6 months residency. Payments should paid directly at a flat rate amount to assist with travel and other costs after the initial application. This would reduce bureaucratic red tape.

16. A boot camp should be established for youth offenders.

17. Sex offenders subject to conviction should be chemically castrated.

18. Bureaucrats who by their actions cause unnecessary expenditure for government should be held liable and should forfeit their financial entitlements.

19. Responsibility for housing in remote communities should be moved to housing organisations so that those making decisions are closer to those in need of housing.

20. There should be flexibility with election timing so that an election can be delayed in emergency circumstances.