Vowles Also Wants to Cut the Weak and Vulnerable

Seems Ken Vowles also wants to make cuts to public servants. But these cuts implemented by agency executives always target those at the bottom of the heap.


Ken Vowles sat in Cabinet and must have approved a heap of spending, now he is worried! Aspirations?

There are too many consultants, often engaged in work that does not need to be done. Research on Aborigines is just a big business, these people are over researched. Earlier this year we heard of research aimed at discovering why Aboriginal kids did not come to school. Reasons already known. Waste of money.

NT politicians pander to every interest group, they try to please all but in doing so send the Territory broke. Then there is the population churn especially in the Greater Darwin Region, people come and go but really have no buy in to things in the NT.


Then there are the parochial interests that abound, that hold the NT back. The Darwin CBD, Palmerston, the rural area. Get over it. There should be one council for the Greater Darwin Region.


Wasting money on events that do not pay, yet the NT Government pretends that they do. Arafura Games, a big waste of money.


The Minister for Arafura Games is Ken Vowles. Arafura Games another opium of the people project.