Will School Kids Set Up Teachers?


There have been a lot of claims that school children tell lies that get school teachers sent to prison.

If it does happen it would be rare. Considering the number of complaints that are dismissed before any legal action is taken it would take a pretty gutsy kid to tell consistent lies. Imagine the police questioning then barristers.

So it looks pretty unlikely that school children engage in conspiracies that have the result of teachers going to prison. But there are teachers in our midst who will tell you that school children are bitter and twisted individuals just looking to have teachers sent down for nothing.

We say it is unlikely.

It is more likely that abused children will not be believed. That is the sad reality.

So to those supporters of a rather big guy with tattoos who is locked up in prison at Holtze, we have heard your stories and consider that you are probably accessories who were not caught. Part of cover up country NT.



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