Boundless Sexual Assaults

There is not a week that goes bye in the NT that is free from a sexual assault or another scandal involving sexual wrong doing. Perhaps it is the weather across the NT or something in the water that causes people to commit these heinous crimes.

Is the NT the sex crime leader of Australia? Boundless sex is one thing but sex crimes are not. We are not safe.

Just a few links for you to have a look at.

The monsters in our midst just waiting to molest our children. this guy was cleared by the Teacher Registration Board of the NT. The board gave gave him a license to molest. In this case it was not shaken or stirred but rubbed. What a sicko.

One thought on “Boundless Sexual Assaults

  1. He still has many friends who are teachers yes mandatory reporters themselves and parents…there were several other teachersat this schoolb there with serious misconduct at same time this pedo was there they are still teaching at other schools now I need other parents to contact me. Police, trb, education dep and past politicians have ignored me for 5 years..pedo network at that school then. When suppression order lifted I can publicly show emails relating to this case


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