Health Dept Wastes Money on Needless Avoidable Chronic Disease Medivacs Costing Millions

Sources at RDH inform the Trust that medivac flights costing potentially millions of dollars are being used like a taxi service for chronic disease patients who do not comply with their treatment regime.

The source identified Ward 7A at RDH as a problem area rife with mismanagement. It would appear that chronic disease sufferers who require constant treatment in Darwin leave for remote communities against advice and have to medivaced back to Darwin at substantial cost to the government. In some cases the clients are repeat offenders.

The source said ” we are not talking about someone who has had a heart attack or had an accident with a chainsaw but people who know they are ill and must be treated in a specialist clinic several times a week”, “they should not be leaving the location where their treatment is” “they are costing millions that could be spent on more urgent cases”.

Employment Contracts 101

A pity Simpson was not frank and fearless when he worked for the NT Government.


Ken Simpson has now entered the ranks of those who become wise in retrospect. The ex Commissioner Public Employment was not very good when he was employed by the NT Government. In his appearance on the Darwin edition of the ABC News of June 16 Ken speaks some sense.

Gerry McCarthy needs to fess up about taking action against those who select not to accept contract variations cutting future earnings. But McCarthy can count on many executive contractors complying for fear of losing their status and power.


McCarthy should be finding ways of legally terminating some of these executives without loss to the government.

The new Commissioner for Public Employment will have to sort out the mess. The recent employment advertisement for a new Commissioner paid over $300, 000 for what?



Matt Cunningham Opinion Piece on Eva Lawler Naive in NT News

NT News 15th of June an opinion piece by Matt Cunnningham is naive to say the least. Cunningham seems to have Eva Amnesia conveniently forgetting that Eva had been preaching the anti-bullying message to our school students.

What about all the suicides from bullying? What about standards for Ministers of the Crown?

Perhaps all this anti-bullying messaging like so many things is just an opportunity to wear a tuxedo and attend a charity event for people like Cunningham.

Imagine if someone phoned the NT News and said we are going to detonate a bomb in five minutes in your building. Guess Matt would just ignore it.

The facts in the Lawler Bullying matter are clear, a person is on compensation and not at work. The Trust assumes that Cunningham is implying that this is a CLP stunt.

If Cunningham has children and they are bullied at school, the school should apply his take on bullying. The go and hang yourselves approach!