Public Service Officers Fear Special Measures

We are hearing a lot of bad vibes from NT Government public servants at the moment. Several public servants have contacted us regarding the upgrading of their positions. They fear they will lose their current jobs to special measures candidates and become displaced officers.

We did a some rapid research on the OCPE website and could find nothing about special measures pushing out current employees. However it does not mean that such things are actually happening. The OCPE has not updated the website in almost 2 years. LINK

If you work for the NT Government we suggest you always have a copy of The Asshole Survival Guide by Robert L. Sutton and the phone number of a good solicitor handy.

Och Man – Did Mark Monaghan Take A Wee Detour To Scotland?

We wonder if Mark Monaghan has decided to take wee detour and head to Caledonia? Has Mark been perusing the finest single malts? Perhaps he has been considering having his very own tartan created? Why not a haggis on the taxpayer?

If he does make such a wee detour we hope he is greeted with a “Glasgow kiss”!

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American Lunacy Increasing In Australia

There are many Australians who now claim to be so-called sovereign citizens. From our understanding these individuals believe they are not subject to the laws enacted by the parliaments of Australia. An interesting concept that has absolutely no basis legally. These “nuts” will tell you that it is all in the Magna Carta.

Just imagine a country full of freeloaders who refuse to pay tax running around armed to the teeth doing as they like. It sounds like the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Northern Territory is like a petri dish for the growth of the lunatic fringe. According to our sources extreme right extremists including sovereign citizens are on the rise in the NT.

NT Government Special Measures Not Delivering Services For Aboriginals

We have been contacted by an anonymous party who suggests that special measures recruiting is not delivering services for Aboriginal people. High rates of absenteeism combined with sub-standard performance that is covered-up is the norm. The OCPE pretends that special measures is working but the reality on the ground is something else. Yet another NTG program “Pretending Together”.

Stalin had five year plans in the USSR where production figures were usually a bolstered sham. Natasha Fyles is very much like Stalin when comes to special measures.

Time to end race based policies and get the Territory moving in the right direction.

Amateur Hour At NTG – The Joke Jurisdiction Of Australia

A failing Fyles Government that cannot even employ qualified people because of the clowns already employed suggests the NT is the joke jurisdiction.

A government that employs fakes and lauds them while honest qualified individuals are bullied and forced out. A government that does nothing about crime so much so that people sleep in fear next to a baseball bat at night and day. A government that attacks whistleblowers. Welcome to the Territory!