Pin The Tail On The Whistleblower – The ICAC Party Game!

After having a few beverages, you take one whistleblower (slightly scared, suggest inability proceedings) and have them stand in the centre of the room. The “contestants” don blindfolds and are given a hat pin that has a tail attached. The contestants proceed to pin the tail on the whistleblower.

Warning do not try this at home.

Then there is William Tell and the Whistleblower! Take one apple and place it on the head of the whistleblower. The “contestants” may be blindfolded but this is not necessary for the game. Use a crossbow, shotgun or bow and arrow to see if the apple can be “knocked” off the whistleblower. Guaranteed to keep the guests amused.

Warning do not try this at home.

ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches aired his concerns in a video to NT ...

Will Michael Riches be inviting guests to his ICAC party?

Menu ICAC Party

Roast Whistleblower in sauce aux cerises (freshly shafted from a government department)

Inability proceedings gravy and roast vegetables

Conspiracy jelly and perjury pudding


Corruption Lager (local)

Corruption du vin blanc (imported)

Michael Riches what are you doing? Rule One avoid everything and anything that looks dodgy.

The Circus Is In Town!

Johnny: Mum can we go to the circus?

Mum: A waste of money Johnny!

Johnny: Why Mum?

Mum: Well we have the NT Government, it is a circus.

Johnny: What about the NT Police?



Screenshot 2023-01-31 180323

In the spirit of circuses past Ringmaster Jamie Chalker will only have a whip and chair has he attempts to tame the Rampaging Youths of Central Australia.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 204458